Jonu Dev

Creative Frontend Developer

I want to build great things with great people. Every day, I'm learning about web development, React.js and Next.js

#openToWork #react #nextjs #javascriptCurrently I'm looking for a new job as a Frontend Developer
Frontend Developer
Deutsche Bankmarch 2023 - present
React.js Redux Typescript JavaScript Material UI Node.js Jest Playwright
I had the opportunity to work with a variety of modern technologies, primarily React.js and Material UI for developing user interfaces and also I utilized Redux and Redux Saga for efficient state management. Additionally, I've worked with AG Grid to improve data display and manipulation in web applications. I utilized these technologies to refine and develop internal applications used by thousands of users. Collaborating with various teams, including security, designers, back-end, and DevOps, had a sifnificant impact on my professional growth.
Frontend Developer
Leadlionnov 2020 - march 2023
JavaScript React.js Magento 2 php MySQL SASS Docker
I've gained a strong background in developing custom e-commerce stores using a range of modern technologies and frameworks, such as JavaScript, React.js, jQuery, PHP, and MySQL. Additionally, I've worked with automation tools like Jenkins to improve the deployment process. I've also collaborated closely with back-end developers and web designers to improve overall usability, user experience, security, and application performance.
Frontend Internship
Endavasep 2020 - nov 2020
HTML SASS JavaScript jQuery React.js
During a three-month program, I had the opportunity to learn how to develop an application from scratch to finish. I gained valuable experience working daily with JavaScript and learned what it means to be part of a team. Additionally, I also learned more about agile practices/methods and acquired skills in front-end technologies and basic testing principles, which have been incredibly beneficial for my career growth.

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I love connecting with new people to learn from and I'm always more than willing to help with any questions you may have.Besides that, I enjoy talking about programming, new jobs, everything related to IT industry, stocks & crypto that could make us bazillionaires... for that, below you have all the necessary links, where I'm available almost 24/7 👋Send an emailDM me on LinkedInChat on Discord - jonu#4744